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On this page you can download ATIOverclockingAntiprotection.

Version: 1.0
Publisher: Unwinder
Date added: 2004-02-01 03:11:39
File Size: 1 friggin KiloByte MB
OS Support:
Downloads: 42140 downloads
Software type: Videocards - Overclocking & Tweaking

You are here: downloads category selection ATIOverclockingAntiprotection

Software Description

As you know most if not all Radeon 9600 graphics cards have been locked and can not be overclocked (at least not easily). Unwinder received a lot of emails from users with a 9600 and well, I guess he got tired of that :)

Attention - this is the OLD download section of, click here to visit the new and up-to date one.
You need Rivatuner for this patch!

The most of ATI users probably know, that ATI Catalyst drivers restrict overclocking on certain RV250/RV280/R300/RV350 based boards. Due to overclocking protection, the driver simply resets the clock frequencies to their defaults as soon as you start any fullscreen 3D application. According to unofficial information we have, overclocking protection is a counter measure against some hardware vendors, aimed to prevent them from selling cheap low-end ATI boards with downclocked memory. However, it seems like this protection hurts overclockers community much more than it protects ATI hardware against such vendors. No wonder, that community doesn't like overclocking protection at all and searches for any ways of unlocking overclocking on locked ATI boards. Till nowadays there were numerous ways of blocking ATI overclocking protection. First, it was possible to re-program PCI Device ID via editing and flashing VGA BIOS on RADEON 9700 / RADEON 9500 PRO based boards. Second, due to 'holes' in ATI overclocking protection algorithm it was possible to unlock overclocking on certain RV250 based boards with certain Catalyst drivers via setting PLL reference divider to value of 4 or higher when generating the clock frequency (to do it you could use High or Custom clock frequency generation accuracy mode in RivaTuner). Third, it was possible to override PCI DeviceID with our SoftR9x00 script to unlock overclocking on RADEON 9700 / RADEON 9500 PRO. Fourth, some utilities provided so called 'aggressive' overclocking (residing in memory, they periodically scanned hardware and tried to restore clock frequencies after the driver's attempt to reset them). However, none of these methods provided universal workaround for all currently available locked boards. Due to a lot of received emails from RV350 owners, we decided to provide universal way of removing overclocking protection for all locked ATI boards. ATIOverclockingAntiprotection patch script allows you to rip overclocking protection code from the driver and unlock overclocking on any RV250/RV280/R300/RV350 on any currently available Catalyst driver. To use overclocking antiprotection script just unzip it to RivaTuner's folder then execute "ATIOverclockingAntiprotection w2k.rts" as regular RivaTuner's patch script. RivaTuner's hardware monitoring module, introduced in the latest version, allows you to track changes in clock frequencies pretty easily. Use it and enjoy ;)

Warning! The script was tested and seems to work fine on RV350 based boards and Catalyst 3.7, however it must function properly on the rest drivers and hardware too. Any feedback from locked RV250/RV280/R300 owners is welcome.

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