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CoreTemp 0.99.4
On this page you can download CoreTemp 0.99.4.

Version: 99.2
Date added: 2009-01-24 13:00:56
File Size: 0.2 MB
OS Support: Windows XP, Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit)
License: Freeware
Downloads: 42431 downloads
Software type: Generic Utilities

You are here: downloads category selection CoreTemp 0.99.4

Software Description

Core Temp is a compact, no fuss, small footprint program to monitor CPU temperature.

Attention - this is the OLD download section of, click here to visit the new and up-to date one.

Intel and AMD published detailed, public information about the "DTS" (Digital Thermal Sensor), which provides much higher accuracy and more relevant temperature reading than the standard thermal diode sensors do. (How it works).

This feature is supported on all Intel Core and Core 2 based processors as well as the whole AMD's Athlon64 line of CPUs. For a full list of supported CPUs see the CPU Support List.

Core Temp also has a logging feature, allowing a user to easily record the temperature of his processor(s) over any period of time, then the data can be easily transferred into an excel datasheet for easy graphing.

Core Temp works on Windows 2000, XP and 2003 (both 32bit and 64bit versions). Windows Vista 32bit is fully supported.

Version 0.99.4

Version 0.99.4 - 19th January, 2009

Major changes:
Completely rewritten base code.
Core Temp is now available in both 32 and 64 bit versions.

- Add: CPU detection improved, efficiency improved, speed improved, clock speed detection improved.
- Add: Initial support for Core i5 (Lynnfield).
- Add: Automatically detect Core i7/i5 series TjMax.
- Add: Show real-time TDP of Core i7 processors (still needs work).
- Add: Alternative clock speed detection for Core 2, i7 and i5 series and up.
- Add: Support for all currently available and some future processor families. (Intel & AMD)
- Add: Temperature changes color when temperatures hit high levels to alert the user. (Orange = hot, Red = critical)
- Add: Show (!) besides the temperature of a core which hit critical temp as a notification of past overheating.
- Add: Invalid temperature values are followed by (?) for both Intel and AMD.
- Add: AMD AM2+ 65nm processors get a 21c offset to fix incorrect temperature reporting (info from AMD).
- Add: AMD Black Edition processors identified by "BE" suffix after PR rating.
- Add: Display time and date on G15 LCD.
- Add: Complete DPI awareness - Core Temp GUI now scales perfectly with any DPI setting.
- Add: Rewritten algorithm for "Register dump" function, works much faster and more accurate (no ghost devices).

- Add: Redesigned log file system:
1) Settings window allows to start logging when Core Temp starts.
Logging can be toggled on or off from the Options menu or simply by pressing F4.
2) Layout is completely changed. Now it's easy to create graphs and the output is more coherent and understandable.
3) CSV file format is preserved.
4) Each logging session creates a seperate log file named with time and date of session start.
5) Logging is now off by default.

- Add: Register dump provides much more information:
1) Supported instruction set.
2) Supported features.
3) Manufacturing node.
4) Default CPU speed, multiplier range and maximum VID.
5) Bus ratio multiplier.
6) Bus frequency.
7) Processor and OS thread counts.
8) Cache: Count and size.
9) Processor topology.
10) PCI register dump also lists device names when "PCIDEVS.TXT" file is added to Core Temp's directory, .
11) Better output layout, easier to read.

- Fix: Core Temp crashes on Intel multi-processor platforms with Socket #0 unpopulated.
- Fix: Countless minor bug fixes due to rewritten code base.
- Fix: System tray icons do not appear after explorer.exe crash/restart.

- Change: Core Temp will now work with A0 and A1 revisions of 65nm Core 2 processors.
- Change: Core Temp will not work on some/all virtual machine software.
- Change: TjMax values for 65nm Core 2 series adjusted.

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Note: If you have problems downloading CoreTemp 0.99.4, please try to stop using your download manager and avoid right clicking on files. Also, check your firewall settings, because some mirrors may require that you do not block the HTTP referrers.

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