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Enemy Territory - Quake Wars Benchmark
On this page you can download Enemy Territory - Quake Wars Benchmark.

Version: 1.1.1
Date added: 2008-09-04 03:07:54
File Size: 4.6 MB
OS Support: Windows XP/Vista
License: Freeware
Downloads: 7137 downloads
Software type: Benchmarks & Demo's

You are here: downloads category selection Enemy Territory - Quake Wars Benchmark

Software Description

The alien race known as the Strogg is invading Earth in this yet to be released First-Person Shooter by id Software and Splash Damage. Unlike the original Enemy Territory game, which began life as a mod to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Quake Wars is a standalone game being produced by id and Splash Damage on a budget more in line with any other top tier game. Enemy Territory is a full-fledge game that promises great things.

Attention - this is the OLD download section of, click here to visit the new and up-to date one.

Totally unique technology: MegaTexture refers to a texture allocation technique facilitating the use of an extremely large terrain texture instead of repeating multiple smaller textures. It is featured in Splash Damage's game, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and was developed by id Software technical director John Carmack. MegaTexture employs a single large texture for static terrain. The texture is stored on the hard disk and streamed as needed, allowing large amounts of detail and variation over a large area with comparatively little RAM usage. The upcoming game Rage powered by the id Tech 5 engine uses textures that measure up to 128000128000 pixels

System requirements

  • 32/64 bit Windows XP / VISTA
  • The latest drivers for your graphics card
  • The official v1.5 patch


  • Change the resolution from 800600 up to 20481536 (in 9 steps).
  • HD WideScreen resolutions (1280768, 19201080, 19201200) support.
  • Custom resolutions support.
  • Four built-in demo.
  • Tweaked Very High graphic option.
  • Antialiasing and Anisotropic filtering support.


All HOCBench program are distributed as Free, but you need a simple registration to the full use. That means, you can install and try it immediately, but you can't change the filters and the demos. The registering is FREE just send me a simple email and you get back my answer within 24 hour. This email containing your personal registration info for ALL HOCBench program.


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