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MSI AfterBurner 1.5 final
On this page you can download MSI AfterBurner 1.5 final.

Version: 1.50 final
Publisher: MSI / Guru3D
Date added: 2010-02-11 04:43:17
File Size: 4 MB
OS Support: Windows7 | XP | Vista | 7 (32 and 64-bit)
License: Freeware
Downloads: 24658 downloads
Software type: Videocards - Overclocking & Tweaking

You are here: downloads category selection MSI AfterBurner 1.5 final

Software Description

Download MSI AfterBurner from MSI. This is an incredible handy overclock utility for MSI graphics cards.

Attention - this is the OLD download section of, click here to visit the new and up-to date one.

Afterburner is powered by our own Rivatuner engine, but this software comes with a few extra's. AfterBurner will support both ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards, Voltage regulation on the GPU, overclocking on core, shader and memory domains, GPU load levels (ATI), fan speed adjustment, device information .. and a really wicked graphical (configurable) monitor.

So with combined forces MSI will bring you their new AfterBurner overclock software. AfterBurner, as in giving that airplane an extra boost of power. The end-result (we feel) is a great looking user-friendly overclocking experience, with on-the-fly advanced user options .. including something I know many of you will like, VRM voltage control.

  • Overclocking:
    • Up to 85% overclocking capability
    • Over voltage function to significantly increase overclocking potential
    • Core/Shader/Memory clock adjustment
    • Core/Shader clock Link/Unlink capability
  • Monitor:
    • Clock/Voltage/Temperature/Fan Speed/Frame rate real-time monitor
    • Maximum/Minimum value for easy record of system condition
    • Real-time On-Screen-Display information in games
    • Real-time information in Windows Tray Icon
    • Detach mode for hardcore monitor style
  • Profile:
    • 5 Profile to easy save/load user customized setting
    • Profile hot-key for easy and quick switch in games
    • 2D/3D automatic profile switching for difference scenario
  • Special Function:
    • Advanced fan speed control for different speed under different temperature trigger points
    • Mutil-GPU independent or synchronous control for clock/voltage/fan speed
    • Information button for graphics card driver version, BIOS version, identification, OSD status and update link
    • User Customized skin function
    • Apply overclocking setting at system startup


  • Added video memory usage monitoring for NVIDIA graphics cards under Forceware
    185.xx and newer drivers
  • Added GPU usage monitoring for NVIDIA GT2xx and newer graphics cards under
    Forceware 185.xx and newer drivers
  • Added VGA BIOS version detection for AMD graphics cards
  • Added optional ability to display hint messages in hardware monitoring window
    area. The messages notify the user about runtime profile management activity
    (such as profile creation, removal or applying) and other application events
  • Minor appearance tweaks in default skins
  • Added compact versions of default skins (default green, red and blue editions)
  • Now advanced MSI Afterburner properties also support floating tooltip based
    context help system similar to the main application window
  • Now MSI Afterburner supports RivaTuner's user extendable localization system.
    Currently localization system includes default English, Russian, Traditional
    Chinese, Spanish, Italian and Dutch language packs and affects context help
    system and non-skinned advanced properties interface. Similar to RivaTuner
    you can also create your own language packs for your native language and
    share your work with MSI Afterburner users community!
  • Improved skin format. Now skinned fonts support characters remapping feature.
    All skins supplied with MSI Afterburner are using this feature, third party
    skin designers may decompile and peek into these skins to see an example of
    new feature usage
  • Now hardware monitoring window font size can be redefined via the skin, third
    party skin designers may decompile and peek into compact versions of default
    skins to see an example of new feature usage
  • Skin format reference documentation has been updated to v1.1 to reflect the
    format improvements mentioned above
  • Added shared memory interface allowing any third party applications to access
    MSI Afterburner hardware monitoring statistics. The interface is intended for
    future MSI Afterburner Vista / Windows 7 sidebar gadgets, however, the shared
    memory layout is publicly open so third party developers can use it to access
    MSI Afterburner hardware monitoring statistics from their own applications.
    The SDK included in MSI Afterburner distributive contains open source sample
    demonstrating the access to shared memory from a third party application
  • Added command line switches for forcing MSI Afterburner to be minimized to the
    system tray area on startup or during runtime and for opening desired advanced
    MSI Afterburner properties tab. The switches are intended for interraction
    with future MSI Afterburner Vista / Windows 7 sidebar gadgets. Sample code
    included in the SDK also shows you how to detect, start and minimize installed
    MSI Afterburner, how to open desired tab in advanced properties and how to use
    MSI Afterburner profiles from third party applications
  • Reduced runtime skin engine memory footprint due to dynamic skin storage
  • Startup settings are now displayed next to the <Apply overclocking at system
    startup> button
  • Added button for locking profiles modification
  • Now voltage control is also locked by default in safety options in advanced
    MSI Afterburner properties
  • Added AccessibilityCheckingPeriod configuration file switch for improving the
    compatibility with AMD ULPS power saving technology on Crossfire systems. The
    switch allows low-level monitoring module to use AMD driver API to check GPU
    accessibility and detect and display GPU sleep state properly. Please take a
    note that AMD API implementation is ineffective and hardly suits to realtime
    monitoring due to high CPU stress resulting in periodic stuttering in games.
    That is why the compatibility switch is disabled by default, enable it only
    if you absolutely need to see slave GPU sleep state on the graphs and accept
    side effects like performance drop and stuttering resulting from ineffective
    AMD API implementation
  • Added NVIDIA GT240M PCI DeviceID range to the core to provide more efficient
    hardware monitoring via low-level core on mobile NVIDIA GT240 based systems
    (bonus feature, official mobile systems support is still not declared)
  • Graph limits are now adjustable in the graph properties in <Monitoring> tab
  • Added AMD RV810 graphics processors family supports
  • Added voltage control for custom design MSI R5670 1GB series graphics cards
    with uP6262 voltage regulators
  • Added voltage control for custom design MSI R5870 Lightning series graphics
    cards with uP6266 voltage regulators
  • Added voltage control for custom design MSI R5870 Twin Frozr II series
    graphics cards with uP6266 voltage regulators
  • Added voltage control for custom design MSI R5850 Twin Frozr II series
    graphics cards with uP6266 voltage regulators
  • Added integration with external MSI Kombustor stability testing application
  • Added workaround for overclocking bug of ForceWare 196.21. Please take a note
    that the workaround is applied only to 196.00 - 196.21 driver versions range
    in order to ensure compatibility with future fixed NVIDIA drivers.
  • Now hardware database includes marketing names of MSI graphics cards so MSI
    Afterburner displays marketing names instead of generic graphics card model
    names when possible

MSI AfterBurner

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