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PCMark05 v120
On this page you can download PCMark05 v120.

Version: Build 1.2.0 build 1901
Publisher: FutureMark
Date added: 2010-02-11 14:57:09
File Size: 90 MB MB
OS Support: Windows 2000/XP
License: FreeWare
Downloads: 388553 downloads
Software type: Generic Benchmarks

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Software Description

PCMark05 is the latest version in the PCMark benchmark series by Futuremark Corporation. PCMark05 is a benchmarking tool designed to be easy to use and widely accessible.

Attention - this is the OLD download section of, click here to visit the new and up-to date one.
PCMark05 is Futuremark's third
instalment of the popular PCMark series, and it’s a premium tool for measuring overall PC performance.
With the launch of PCMark05, Futuremark furthers its leading position as the benchmark software provider of choice for the PC industry, IT managers, IT media and consumers. PCMark05 is a totally new product and features the most advanced workloads, including HD video transcoding, digital music encoding, advanced threading and trace-based hard disk performance tests.

PCMark05 enables truly objective performance comparisons between the latest PC platforms and architectures and supports all the latest technologies. PCMark05 features tests with advanced threading which enable accurate benchmarking of the latest PCs with multi-core and hyper-threaded CPUs.

As with all Futuremark products, PCMark05 was produced in close cooperation with Futuremark's Benchmark Development Program (BDP). Companies participating in PCMark BDP during PCMark05 development were: AMD, Dell, Intel, Microsoft and NVIDIA.

PCMark05 supports the complete benchmark cycle – starting from benchmarking a PC, viewing the resulting benchmark details, comparing the results to those of others and finally providing means for analyzing how to improve the PC's performance. PCMark05 produces highly reliable and detailed benchmarking results with a simple, intuitive user interface. An integrated Online ResultBrowser allows instant results comparison against more than 12 million benchmark results in Futuremark's ever increasing performance database.

Key Features of PCMark05

  • Unparalleled ease-of-use: One click benchmarking
  • Unified benchmarking for desktop and laptop PCs and workstations
  • Cross-platform performance comparisons across supported Windows operating systems
  • System Information tool that displays advance system configuration information
  • Test scenarios and support for latest CPU technologies, including Hyper-Threading and multicore CPUs
  • Digital video encoding and decoding, file compression and decompression, encryption, decryption, internet browsing, physics, 3D, text editing, audio conversion and image processing performance tests
  • System, CPU, memory, 2D & 3D graphics and hard disk drive test suites

PCMark05 Test Suites:

There will be three version available.

  • Basic: Freeware version with limited functionality (Free)
  • Advanced: For Home use only with with extended functionality (Price TBA)
  • Professional: For Business use with full functionality and additional features (Price TBA)
Minimum System Requirements

  • x86 compatible processor, SSE, 1400MHz
  • 128MB of RAM (256MB recommended)
  • DirectX 7 compliant graphics adapter (3D tests require a fully DirectX 9 compatible hardware)
  • 110MB of Hard Disk space *
  • Windows XP
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 installed
  • Microsoft Media Player 10 installed
  • Microsoft Media Encoder 9 installed
* HDD tests require additional 130MB of Hard Disk space. ~
  • System Test Suite: Extensive collection of application-based tests that are relevant in typical home use of a PC; tasks include hard disk drive access, video encoding, audio compression, 2D user interface tasks, 2D graphics memory access, web page rendering, file decryption and encryption, memory access and text editing.
  • CPU Test Suite: Includes tests that isolate the performance of the CPU; tasks include file compression and decompression, file encryption and decryption, audio compression and decompression and image decompression;
  • Memory Performance Testing: Tests measure the performance of the memory subsystem; these tasks include reading, writing and copying access to data blocks in the L1 cache, L2 cache, and main memory as well as latency tests;
  • Graphics Test Suite: Tests measure both 2D and 3D graphics performance of the PC. 2D tasks measure moving and transparent 2D dialog performance, graphics memory performance and video playback performance. 3D tasks exercise pixel shader, vertex shader, fill rate and polygon throughput capabilities for the graphics subsystem;
  • Hard Disk Drive Test Suite: Uses disk activity traces from real-life tasks; these tests isolate the performance of the hard disk drive. Disk activities measured include Windows® XP startup, application loading, file writing, virus scanning and general disk usage.

New feature for the Basic Edition (Free)

The Advanced & Professional Editions will
continue to show the results offline, but PCMark05 Build 1.2.0 introduces a new
feature for the Basic Edition (Free) users - the score is viewable online only.
This new feature will enable new users to get an online analysis of their
system, and to quickly & easily compare their results to others. The new online
service called "Result Analyzer" is one of the key elements of the next
generation of benchmarks from Futuremark.

Fixes & Updates

  • Windows Vista enabled; (*

  • Fixed splash screen on Windows Vista;

  • Internet Explorer 7 compatibility;

  • Fixed Windows Media Player version

  • Fixed transparent windows issues;

  • Fixed looping issues with HDD tests;

  • Fixed compatibility issues with Windows
    Media Encoder 9 Advanced Profile update;

  • Improved startup speed by optimizing the
    SystemInfo component;

  • Updated SystemInfo component with support
    for the latest CPU and graphics hardware;

  • Fixed all reported & reproduced issues.

(* = To run PCMark05 Build 1.2.0 in Windows
Vista 64bit, please run the application as administrator.

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Note: If you have problems downloading PCMark05 v120, please try to stop using your download manager and avoid right clicking on files. Also, check your firewall settings, because some mirrors may require that you do not block the HTTP referrers.

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