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Sniper Elite V2 Benchmark
On this page you can download Sniper Elite V2 Benchmark.

Publisher: Rebellion
Date added: 2012-06-23 12:42:58
File Size: 637 MB
OS Support: Windows 7 and Vista 32/64-bit
License: Freeware GNU
Downloads: 25060 downloads
Software type: Benchmarks & Demo's

You are here: » downloads » category selection » Sniper Elite V2 Benchmark

Software Description

Here you can download the Sniper Elite V2 Benchmark

Attention - this is the OLD download section of, click here to visit the new and up-to date one.

Sniper Elite V2 is the long-awaited sequel to the original Sniper Elite™ from Rebellion, providing a new perspective into the already familiar genre of World War II shooters. You fill the role of Karl Fairburne, an elite US sniper parachuted into Berlin amidst the final German stand of the Second World War. Based off real events from Operation Paperclip, your mission is to track and capture high-profile targets with connection to the development of the terrifying V-2 ballistic missile. This mission will undoubtedly prove a challenge as you will singlehandedly face the might of both the German and Red Army against prevailing odds.

The game greatly stresses on the art of sniping and stealth, vigorously testing the precision and patience of any player. Sniper Elite V2 offers a highly detailed sniping simulation using advanced ballistics, forcing players to account for factors including gravity, wind, velocity, bullet penetration, and aim stability. With diligence, players are rewarded for their hard-earned kills through an X-Ray Kill Cam that gruesomely showcases the hard reality of a bullet entering a body. Witness firsthand the tearing of organs, the splatter of blood, and the shatter of bones as each bullet unremorsefully pierces through human flesh. Sniper Elite V2 frighteningly demonstrates the realism in each and every kill, adding a unique layer of depth that genuinely showcases the brutality of war.

Sniper Elite V2 not only offers extraordinary game mechanics but also combines a stunning visual backdrop with immaculate attention to authenticity. Players will truly experience the Second World War with real locations spread throughout Berlin paired with authentic weapons and vehicles. Being in the right position at the right time is crucial as players will face consequences for missed shots or from being exposed. Regardless, Sniper Elite V2 delivers a whole new level of realism and immersion that will refine future tactical shooters to come.

How to Benchmark Sniper Elite V2
The Benchmark is currently a standalone executable which will quit after the test is run. Before running the Benchmark please make sure the latest drivers and CAP updates are installed. To run the benchmark from the command line, go to the “Benchmark\Bin” directory and simply type:

Or simply navigate to the install folder and double click the SniperEliteV2.exe icon to run the benchmark.

  • The game will read the settings to be used from the main games .ini file if the game is installed or may be located here if the game is not installed:
    %USERPROFILE%\Documents\SniperEliteV2_Benchmark (Please note: this may be subject to change based on the release of the benchmark you are using)
  • The results will be saved in the following directory with appropriate Average, Min, Max FPS results as well as settings used:

Please choose a download location:

Note: If you have problems downloading Sniper Elite V2 Benchmark, please try to stop using your download manager and avoid right clicking on files. Also, check your firewall settings, because some mirrors may require that you do not block the HTTP referrers.

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