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UniTuner 1.1
On this page you can download UniTuner 1.1.

Version: 1.1
Publisher: Humus
Date added: 2004-01-31 20:10:51
File Size: MB
OS Support:
Downloads: 18995 downloads
Software type: Videocards - Overclocking & Tweaking

You are here: downloads category selection UniTuner 1.1

Software Description

Tweak utility for most popular videocards

Attention - this is the OLD download section of, click here to visit the new and up-to date one.
The purpose of UniTuner significantly differs from that of Raid On. Raid On was supposed to release the power of the Radeon graphic card only. UniTuner on the other hand is supposed to be able to handle all graphic cards. Unneccesary platform dependence is proabably the most annoying thing in this world. There's nothing I hate more than going out on the net, finding a cool demo, an app or whatever and not being able to run it or having performance problems because it was programmed for another graphic card, OS or CPU instruction set, and at the same time know that my system could easily handle this stuff. For instance, I get angry everytime I see someone implementing very simply bumpmapping through nVidias register combiners instead of the through the more widely supported and much easier to use ARB approved extension. It's annoying. I'm mainly a Windows user. Still I get very annoyed when people or companies keeps locking you into that very OS even in the not so uncommon cases where a Linux system would be able to handle it just as well or better.

Size: 500 Kb

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