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Newest Downloads
Nvidia GeForce 306.23 WHQL 64-bit
Nvidia GeForce 306.23 WHQL 32-bit
GeForce 306.02 BETA 32-bit
GeForce 306.02 BETA 64-bit
A New Dawn Nvidia demo - AMD patch
GeForce 305.68 WHQL Win 7 64-bit
GeForce 305.68 WHQL Win 7 32-bit
AMD Catalyst 12.8 XP 32-bit
AMD Catalyst 12.8 WHQL 64-bit
AMD Catalyst 12.8 WHQL 32-bit
Most Downloaded
RivaTuner v2.24c
3DMark03 Build 3.6.0
3DMark06 v120 Basic Edition
ATI Tray Tools
Guru3D - Driver Sweeper (Setup)
ForceWare Coolbits 2.0
3DMark05 v130 build 1901
Sandra XL
3DMark 2001 SE build 330
AquaMark 3

Benchmarks & Demo's
HOC Crysis Benchmark v1.5
Benchmarks & Demo's | 2 MB | 69019 downloads
From the makers of Far Cry, Crysis offers FPS fans the best-looking, most highly-evolving gameplay, requiring the player to use adaptive tactics and total customization of weapons and armor to survive in dynamic, hostile environments including Zero-G.
HOC Crysis Warhead Benchmark v1.2
Benchmarks & Demo's | 3,73 MB | 65425 downloads
The Crysis Warhead Benchmark is a very hard opponent against the synthetic benchmark. Many usefull options, many tweaks, many lost FPS.
FurMark v1.6.5
Benchmarks & Demo's | 1.7 MB | 201210 downloads
FurMark is a small OpenGL benchmark focused on fur rendering.
The Last Remnant Benchmark
Benchmarks & Demo's | 194 MB | 21851 downloads
Here you can download the Benchmark - The Last Remnant
SmartFPS v1.10
Benchmarks & Demo's | 19 MB | 19041 downloads
download is a free software to benchmark latest videocards and processors by real world games like Crysis, Crysis Warhead, Unreal Tournament 3, Call Of Duty 2, Battlefield 2, Serious Sam 2, Call Of Juarez, Quake 4, Prey, The Chronicles of Riddick: EFBB and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.
PassMark PerformanceTest Version 7.0 Beta
Benchmarks & Demo's | 13 MB | 11856 downloads
A beta for the next major version of PassMark's PerformanceTest is now available for download.
Unigine Tropics 1.1 DirectX 10.1 benchmark
Benchmarks & Demo's | 56 MB | 53712 downloads
Unigine released version 1.1 of their Tropics demo, new in this version is the addition of DirectX 10.1 support.
Crysis WARHEAD Benchmark Tool BETA
Benchmarks & Demo's | 0.65 MB | 77783 downloads
A small utility to assist on benchmarking Crysis Warhead, much like Crysis Benchmarking tool.
Photoshop CS4 GPU example movies
Benchmarks & Demo's | 54 MB | 9678 downloads
Earlier this week we already reported that the all new Creative Suite 4, bringing with it Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop CS4 Extended, the latest versions to the photo editing application, optimized to take advantage of GPUs, along with many more features.
Enemy Territory - Quake Wars Benchmark
Benchmarks & Demo's | 4.6 MB | 7137 downloads
The alien race known as the Strogg is invading Earth in this yet to be released First-Person Shooter by id Software and Splash Damage. Unlike the original Enemy Territory game, which began life as a mod to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Quake Wars is a standalone game being produced by id and Splash Damage on a budget more in line with any other top tier game. Enemy Territory is a full-fledge game that promises great things.
NVIDIA Fluids technology Demo
Benchmarks & Demo's | 18 MB | 17779 downloads
The primary purpose of the NVIDIAPhysX™ technology Fluid Demo is to illustrate Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH). The demo contains two different scenes, the Outdoor and the Logo Scene.
Futuremark 3DMark03|05|06 - PCMark05 hotfix
Benchmarks & Demo's | 2,5 MB | 26820 downloads
Futuremark 3DMark06/05/03 & PCMark05 hotfix february 2008
Unreal Tournament 3 Benchmark Tool
Benchmarks & Demo's | 0.5 MB | 28234 downloads
The Unreal Tournament 3 Benchmark Tool for the PC Game
Crysis Benchmark Tool 1.05 Final
Benchmarks & Demo's | 0,8 MB | 295333 downloads
The tool provides a robust front-end to benchmark Crysis. It provides the ability to queue up many runs and will provide detailed results for each test as well as an overall summary with accurate averages. The first and foremost goals were simplicity and reliability in the tool and in the benchmark scores. Works with retail and demo.
Benchmarks & Demo's | 25 MB MB | 38266 downloads
Hotfix for 3DMark 06|05|03 and PCMark05
Benchmarks & Demo's | 2.5 MB | 48327 downloads
Hotfix Download
Knights of the Sea DX10 Benchmark
Benchmarks & Demo's | 269 MB MB | 43098 downloads
Akella has released a DX10 tech demo-benchmark of the upcoming naval action sim PT Boats.
OpenGL Fur Rendering Benchmark
Benchmarks & Demo's | 1.5 MB MB | 57647 downloads
The Fur Rendering Benchmark is a small and handy OpenGL benchmark focused on fur rendering using real time shaders. The benchmark offers several options allowing the user to tweak the rendering: fullscreen / windowed mode, MSAA selection, window size, duration. The benchmark also includes a GPU Burner mode (stability test).
CineBench 10
Benchmarks & Demo's | 51 MB MB | 161585 downloads
New version of benchmarking suite for testing processor and graphics card performance.
HD Crysis in-game footage
Benchmarks & Demo's | 100 MB MB | 22307 downloads
GameTrailers today published their HD Crysis footage from the E3 2007.
Ruby - Whiteout (ATI Technology Demo)
Benchmarks & Demo's | 270 MB MB | 22900 downloads
Ruby: Whiteout ATI Radeon HD 2000 Family Demos
NVIDIA Demo - Human Head
Benchmarks & Demo's | 106.8 MB MB | 26950 downloads
NVIDIA's GeForce 8800 Ultra demo "Human Head" delivers a startling leap forward in realism for real-time characters. A new sum-of-Guassians formulation of subsurface scattering within a multi-layered skin model coupled with the blazing shading performance of GeForce 8800 Ultra enables rendering of realistic human skin at a level never before seen in real-time.
Variance Shadow Maps Demo DX10
Benchmarks & Demo's | 4 MB MB | 14978 downloads
A nice D3D10 demo of variance shadow maps
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shader Mod
Benchmarks & Demo's | 75 KB MB | 34689 downloads
The Float32 modification for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernoby has been released this morning, which beefs up the already impressive graphics in GSC Game World's first-person shooter.
NVIDIA Demo - Cascades (GeForce 8800)
Benchmarks & Demo's | 168.6 MB MB | 23565 downloads
Explore a fantastic new world of endless rock formations and exhilirating detail. Watch majestic waterfalls cascade down the rock, while buzzing swarms of dragonfly-like inhabitants dive and play. Zoom in close to examine the vibrant surface detail, or move the camera up or down to explore the rock’s infinite outcroppings, cliffs, and caves.
NVIDIA Demo - Adrianne
Benchmarks & Demo's | 97.3 MB MB | 30805 downloads
Minimum System Requirements: GeForce 8-Series, Windows XP, ForceWare Drivers 97.44 or higher, 512MB system memory, 256MB video memory
NVIDIA Demo - Box of Smoke
Benchmarks & Demo's | 5.9 MB MB | 21159 downloads
Minimum System Requirements: GeForce 8-Series, Windows XP, ForceWare Drivers 97.44 or higher, 512MB system memory, 256MB video memory
NVIDIA Demo - Froggy
Benchmarks & Demo's | 173 MB MB | 17588 downloads
Minimum System Requirements: GeForce 8-Series, Windows XP, ForceWare Drivers 97.44 or higher, 512MB system memory, 256MB video memory
Crysis DX 10 Environment Flyover (HD)
Benchmarks & Demo's | 91.9 MB MB | 46021 downloads
Here's the first trailer showing how the DirectX10 version of the upcoming Crytek first person shooter Crysis looks.
Prey benchmark 1.0
Benchmarks & Demo's | 50 MB MB | 25610 downloads
The minute the Prey demo went live just had to create a way to benchmark this fantastic game. In collaboration with HardwareOC we bring you a nice way to benchmark Prey.
NVIDIA GeoForms Demo
Benchmarks & Demo's | 17.5 MB MB | 45229 downloads
NVIDIA GeForce Series 6 & 7 required only. GeoForms can change their shape at will, but they can also change their subatomic organization, quickly morphing into almost any material, be it glass, metal, water, wax, putty, brushed metal, marble, or jade. They range from opaque to translucent, polished smooth to rough as sand, and from plain to porous and veined. The GeoForms live in a fantastic landscape of plasma and comets, providing the light that reflects, refracts, and is transmitted through the GeoForms dynamic surface.
New In-game Crysis footage
Benchmarks & Demo's | 114 MB MB | 16656 downloads
Here's 14 minutes long video (114.7MB WMV) from the upcoming first person shooter Crysis.
Benchmarks & Demo's | 130 KB MB | 6231 downloads
This is a simple app created to make running multiple bechmarks less hassle.
ATI GPU-based Physics Acceleration Movies
Benchmarks & Demo's | Diverse MB | 49994 downloads
ATI used the first day of Computex to announce its strategy for GPU-based physics processing. Radeon X1000 series graphics processors will be capable of accelerating the Havok FX physics API as a part of what ATI is calling a "boundless gaming" experience.
Serious Sam 2 Benchmark
Benchmarks & Demo's | 2 MB MB | 26658 downloads
This is a small tool that will allow you to benchmark your graphics card with Serious Sam 2.
FarCry Benchmarking Utility
Benchmarks & Demo's | 1.98 MB MB | 204518 downloads
The HardwareOC FarCry Benchmark is an easy-to-use tool, that makes Far Cry video card benchmarking fast and easy.
Call of Duty 3 E3 2006 Trailer (HD)
Benchmarks & Demo's | 112.28MB MB | 28314 downloads
Activision has just released the E3 2006 trailer for Call of Duty 3.
Quake 4 Benchmark v1.1
Benchmarks & Demo's | 80 MB MB | 39683 downloads
Along with Doom, Quake is one of the most famous names in the gaming world. When Quake first came out in 1996, it wasn't the single player aspect of the game which captured gamers' imaginations - it was the multiplayer component of the game which really took off in a big way.
Crysis CryEngine 2 GDC HD movie
Benchmarks & Demo's | 50 MB MB | 81424 downloads
Crysis CryEngine 2 which HD movie (a must see!)
AGEIA PhysX Cell Factor Movie
Benchmarks & Demo's | 95 MB MB | 21381 downloads
If you would like to see some of the PhysX action in a real-time game ? Look no further !
NVIDIA physics-on-GPU Movies
Benchmarks & Demo's | 21 MB MB | 53004 downloads
Nvidia will this week is showing in-game physics code calculations being run on a graphics processor, the first time this has been done in public, the company claimed today. We have two small movies available which will show this in action.
CryENGINE 2 HD trailer
Benchmarks & Demo's | 22 MB MB | 64194 downloads
A couple of days ago some early footage video of what to expect from Far Cry 2 leaked onto the web, this is the updated Crytek engine. The shadows and plants moving about looks phenomenal. I didn't look into the footage until today and wow that's impressive.
HOC Half-Life 2 Benchmark 1.6
Benchmarks & Demo's | 6.5 MB MB | 95879 downloads
This is a new program that allows you to benchmark your system with today’s most popular FPS-game, Half-Life 2. The program does not modify any registry-entries or configuration files, so it is completely safe to use. It contains 5 built in demos; you can set filtering methods, resolutions and much much more.
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Benchmark
Benchmarks & Demo's | 1 MB | 15603 downloads
The HardwareOC Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Benchmark is an easy-to-use tool, that makes video card benchmarking fast and easy. You can select different resolutions, detail levels and much much more by one click. After that, you can sit back and relax, while the computer does its job, there is no need for any intervention. When all the tests are completed, you get the results prepared and ordered in HTML format in a second.
Radeon X1K demo - ToyShop
Benchmarks & Demo's | 114 MB MB | 24442 downloads
ATI technology demo for the radeon Series X1000.
Radeon X1K demo - The Assassin
Benchmarks & Demo's | 131 MB MB | 16146 downloads
ATI technology demo for the radeon Series X1000.
Quake 4 - Guru3D Benchmark
Benchmarks & Demo's | 38 MB MB | 5792 downloads
This is an archive that contains's custom time-demo that can be used for benchmarking Quake 4.
Huxley movie clip
Benchmarks & Demo's | 21 MB | 14065 downloads
No too long ago I was at a graphics card presentation where I got absolutely knocked off my feet by a seeing some real-time footage on the upcoming game "Huxley". It was very rough material at the time, but even then simply amazing to observe.

Webzen, the developping party, has now released a movie trailer of the game which is slated for 2006.
NVIDIA Demo - Mad Mod Mike
Benchmarks & Demo's | 152 MB | 14837 downloads
Always there to help a gamer in need, Mad Mod Mike is something of a community hero. He slips into bedrooms at night and transforms the decrepit, underpowered computers of deserving gamers into raging performance beasts. His palette is chrome and semiconductors . . . his graphics card?
NVIDIA Demo - Luna
Benchmarks & Demo's | 135 MB | 21998 downloads
Gatekeepers preside over the juncture that lies between the real and the ethereal—that passage to dimensions beyond our own. In a spire soaring into a luminous void, this trio of sightless beings hover above a huge disembodied eye. Reorienting its unblinking gaze with impossibly large hands, they afford us a better view into its black aperture, dilating to reveal other worlds more mystifying than anything on our own prosaic plane.

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