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Newest Downloads
Nvidia GeForce 306.23 WHQL 64-bit
Nvidia GeForce 306.23 WHQL 32-bit
GeForce 306.02 BETA 32-bit
GeForce 306.02 BETA 64-bit
A New Dawn Nvidia demo - AMD patch
GeForce 305.68 WHQL Win 7 64-bit
GeForce 305.68 WHQL Win 7 32-bit
AMD Catalyst 12.8 XP 32-bit
AMD Catalyst 12.8 WHQL 64-bit
AMD Catalyst 12.8 WHQL 32-bit
Most Downloaded
RivaTuner v2.24c
3DMark03 Build 3.6.0
3DMark06 v120 Basic Edition
ATI Tray Tools
Guru3D - Driver Sweeper (Setup)
ForceWare Coolbits 2.0
3DMark05 v130 build 1901
Sandra XL
3DMark 2001 SE build 330
AquaMark 3

Benchmarks & Demo's
Battlefield 2 Benchmarking
Benchmarks & Demo's | .5 MB | 34751 downloads
There's a few benchmarks around of various Battlefield 2 system components and video settings tweaks.† Most of them are done in a haphazard way, with straight playback of a Battle Recorder file with the camera locked to one view, and no real consistency.† With the help of BadSplat, I've come up with a way to produce demo files with decent camera tracks and a process for using them in a timedemo benchmark with statistics output (including detailed frame-per-frame statistics).
VS3.0 Displacement Mapping Demo
Benchmarks & Demo's | 1 MB | 19492 downloads
This demo written in OpenGL uses NV_vertex_program3 option on NVIDIA newest cards to perturb a grid mesh and simulate a water effect
Chaos Theory Benchmarking Scripts
Benchmarks & Demo's | 0.01 MB | 4049 downloads
The Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory team has given the go-ahead signa to provide the public with scripts that we hope would spare a lot of time.

You of course need to have Splinter Cell Chaos: Theory installed.
AMD N-Bench 3.1
Benchmarks & Demo's | 109 MB MB | 68189 downloads
N-Bench is a CPU Benchmark program, developed by AMD
Final Fantasy XI official benchmark 3
Benchmarks & Demo's | 76 MB MB | 34686 downloads
Square-Enix has issued an updated official benchmark tool for Final Fantasy XI, their massively multiplayer online RPG. As before, the benchmark provides an indication of how well your system is suited to the game, and this third installment offers "Tavnazian Archipelago, a new area from the Chains of Promathia expansion pack. The dynamic camerawork was created especially for this version of the benchmark software."
ATi Far Cry Technology Demo
Benchmarks & Demo's | 161 MB MB | 21919 downloads
ATI and Crytek have released† a non-interactive tech-demo (local mirror ~ 161MB), showcasing the new version of the Cryengine, used to develop Far Cry. All video scenes were made in real time.
Trees of Pangaea Demo
Benchmarks & Demo's | 137 MB MB | 26587 downloads
Game developers around the world are integrating recently-developed SpeedTree technologies into their titles, but their games wonít hit the shelves for another year or two. Donít want to wait that long to see how amazing the next generation of outdoor environments is going to be?
NVIDIA Technology Demo Timbury
Benchmarks & Demo's | 119 MB MB | 17152 downloads
Minimum System Requirements: GeForce 6800, Windows XP, ForceWare Drivers v61.76 or higher, 512 MB system memory, 128 MB video memory
NVIDIA Technology Demo Nalu
Benchmarks & Demo's | 132 MB MB | 32413 downloads
Minimum System Requirements: NVIDIA GeForce 6800, Windows XP, ForceWare Drivers v61.76 or higher, 512 MB system memory, 128 MB video memory
.kkrieger, a 3D game in 96k!
Benchmarks & Demo's | 97 kB MB | 57687 downloads
Want to play a nifty looking 3D game for free. Better yet, it's only .. and read this well .. a 97 KB download !
Radeon X800 demo - Subsurface Scattering
Benchmarks & Demo's | 103MB MB | 8447 downloads
The following demos require RADEON X800 graphics technology in order to run.
Radeon X800 demo - Ruby
Benchmarks & Demo's | 130MB MB | 14906 downloads
The following demos require RADEON X800 graphics technology in order to run.
AquaMark 3
Benchmarks & Demo's | 63 MB MB | 1152784 downloads
A new DirectX 9 compatible benchmark from massive Development
Gun Metal DirectX 9.0 Benchmark Tool
Benchmarks & Demo's | 51 MB MB | 176233 downloads
Yeti Studios is pleased to announce the availability of the Gun Metal benchmark. The benchmark utilises their the game engine to generate 3D scenes that utilise a broadly-overlapping set of DirectX 9.0 features.
Demo of X-Isle - Dinosaur Island
Benchmarks & Demo's | 44 MB MB | 134674 downloads
X-Isle Dinosaur Island is a technology demo slash benchmark. Originally optimized for the Geforce 3 series this still is a must see. The game FarCry was actually based on this engine.
Final Fantasy XI Benchmark 2 v1.0
Benchmarks & Demo's | 52.8 MBytes MB | 33386 downloads
This software is used as an indicator of whether FINAL FANTASY XI for Windows works on your system or not. It also functions as benchmark software. By using this software, you can check whether FINAL FANTASY XI for Windows will run on your system before purchasing, regardless of whether you meet the minimum system requirements.
3DMark 2001 SE build 300 Patch
Benchmarks & Demo's | 2.73 MB MB | 86796 downloads
This patch is only for 3DMark2001 SE (build 300) released in February 2002, and not for 3DMark2001 released in March 2001.
3DMark 2001 SE build 330
Benchmarks & Demo's | 41 MB | 1176735 downloads
3DMark2001 SE runs a wide range of tests to measure both overall 3D performance and speed, analyzing and displaying all system specifications from the driver versions to the exact hardware components of the PC.
Benchmarks & Demo's | 15.1 MB MB | 26031 downloads
Pronounced as Accelerator. The XL-R8R software is no longer supported by Futuremark. You can still download XL-R8R and watch the demo, but the on-line recommendation services are no longer available.
RTCW & Q3Bench
Benchmarks & Demo's | 1.6 MB MB | 47918 downloads
Q3Bench is a program that automatically benchmarks Quake3 Arena and Return to the Castle of Wolfenstein by using customized configuration files and scripts generated from the selections you make. It then starts Quake3 while it exits. When Quake3 is finished running the benchmarks, it will exit and you simply need to launch Q3Bench again to generate the results. It will gather these results from the console dumps Quake3 was instructed to generate. The results will be written into a easily readable and formatted text file. If multiple runs at each setting were selected (as recommended), averaged results will be computed and added to the report file for you!
FireStarter demo|benchmark
Benchmarks & Demo's | 64 MB MB | 9419 downloads
A download of slightly over than 64 Mb will let you form an idea of the game. A valuable addition to the demo is a benchmark mode providing you with a possibility to test the performance of your machine.
X≤ The Threat - benchmark
Benchmarks & Demo's | 42 MB MB | 61889 downloads
In X≤, the player takes on the role of a pilot indigenous to the X-Universe.

En-route the ship is stopped by an impressive battle cruiser under command of a man named Ban Danna, high-ranking member of the secret service of the Argon Federation. He gave Kyle (from X-BTF) lots of help in the past in his quest to defeat the Xenon and Kyle is now a key member of the corporation known as TerraCorp.

This rolling X≤ -The Threat Demo includes a benchmark.
Fraps 1.8
Benchmarks & Demo's | 50 KB ! MB | 35462 downloads
Benchmark Utility
The Lord of the Rings Screen saver
Benchmarks & Demo's | 1.3 MB MB | 35859 downloads
Real cool 3d accelerated screensaver inspired by the movie The Lord of the Rings.
Soldier of Fortune
Benchmarks & Demo's | MB | 16485 downloads
Soldier of Fortune - Demo1 benchmark
Q3A Loop
Benchmarks & Demo's | MB | 7884 downloads
Q3A Loop - Continuous demo loop
Vulpine GLmark
Benchmarks & Demo's | MB | 38610 downloads
A cutting-edge benchmarking program for the latest 3D hardware.
3DMark 2000
Benchmarks & Demo's | 20MB MB | 73566 downloads
The new mother of all benchmarks, back in 2000 that is :)
Benchmarks & Demo's | 8.32 MB MB | 35595 downloads
Replace your desktop wallpaper with stunning 3D effects.
Timedemo Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Checkpoint
Benchmarks & Demo's | 402kb MB | 8310 downloads
Use it to measure your framerate in RTCW!
Gun Metal Benchmark 1.20 Patch
Benchmarks & Demo's | 764 KB MB | 14579 downloads
If you have downloaded the Gun Metal Benchmark you must download and install this patch !
Codecreatures Benchmark Pro
Benchmarks & Demo's | 40MB! MB | 70454 downloads
The Codecreatures benchmark is written with Microsoft's DirectX 8.1 API and incorporates the use of Vertex and PixelShaders popular on next generation 3D accelerators.
Dungeon Siege PC Benchmark
Benchmarks & Demo's | 5.19MB MB | 10897 downloads
Benchmarking add-on for Dungeon Siege
Benchmarks & Demo's | MB | 5040 downloads
Quaver Timedemo - Quaver
Benchmarks & Demo's | MB | 17082 downloads
NV15 Timedemo



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